Studio Policies.

Thank you for taking the time to read our Studio Policies.

Clients will be asked to acknowledge the following in a written agreement at the time of booking
between client (Client) and Karen Lippowiths, LLC (The Studio).

Please don't hesitate to be in touch with any questions.

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Liability is limited to the total amounts paid.

All prints and negatives are property of The Studio as protected by U.S. federal copyright law.  Images may not be sold, shared, used commercially, entered into contests, or submitted to modeling agencies, without prior written consent.  If I do not purchase a digital archive, I do NOT have permission to share the works in any way.  When posting images online, I will only post low-resolution files and display The Studio watermark.  All studio prints bear The Studio logo.  High-resolution digital archive files do not.  Infringement incurs a fee of $750 per instance.

I release all claim to any works produced by The Studio. The Studio reserves the right to display, publish, exhibit, alter, sell, and disseminate the works in any way with no further authorization required by The Studio, no further notice to me, and no remuneration to me.

In the case of a refundable reservation fee, fee is fully refundable upon attending all ORIGINALLY-SCHEDULED appointments, including fittings, sittings, and design consultations.  A NON-REFUNDABLE reservation fee may apply to sittings including but not limited to specialty sittings, guaranteed environmental sitings, travel sittings, etc.

It is essential to the sustainability of The Studio to honor ALL ORIGINALLY-SCHEDULED scheduled appointments.   A fee applies to reschedule FOR ANY REASON.   Refundable fees apply toward a purchase upon meeting all originally-scheduled appointments.   In the case that I do not wish to make a purchase, the refundable portion is remitted by credit or check (no cash) at the end of the consultation.

All purchase decisions shall be made at A SINGLE DESIGN CONSULTATION within 30 days of the sitting.  Additional consultations incur a fee.   Unordered images are purged immediately.  Unordered images, RAWs, and workup files are not available.  Payment is due in full at the time of ordering unless payment plan arrangements are made at the order.

I have read and understand The Studio products, prices, and policies and agree to inform all stakeholders (spouse, parent, etc.) prior to shooting and viewing portraits.  I have been provided a written copy of The Studio product menu.  Pricing is valid for 30 days from the originally-scheduled shoot date and is subject to change without notice thereafter.

I must pick up / take final delivery within 90 days of notice. After 90 days, The Studio reserves the right to discard items with no monies refunded as order was completed as requested. The Studio makes one complimentary delivery / installation attempt. Additional trips incur a fee. I am solely responsible for the storage and preservaton of all tangible and intangible goods, including digital negatives. The Studio is not responsible for and does not assist in any way with products made by outside vendors, including print labs and framers. High-resolution digital archive files are transfered upon final receipt and acceptance of all tangible goods.

I am responsible for conduct for all children and pets.  I agree to hold The Studio and its agents harmless for injuries or damages sustained preceding, during, and immediately following a session, including viral and other illnesses.  Further, I indemnify The Studio from any injury or damage sustained related to any third-party contractors and / or vendors, including animal owners / handlers, assistants, and co-operating businesses.  I release The Studio from any injury or damages that may result from in-home installation or other services.

NO CAMERAS OTHER THAN THE PHOTOGRAPHER’S (including camera phones) may be used at any time during the sitting or design consultation.  I understand that The Studio reserves the right to immediately terminate the session if cameras and / or phones are present with no monies refunded.

Due to the custom nature of the work, there are no re-edits, remakes, returns, or exchanges. ALL SALES ARE FINAL.

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