About Karen .

Welcome. In the last 18 + years as an award-winning photographer, I love telling beautiful stories and capturing the seasons of the year as well as the seasons of life through portraiture.

My work has been featured in national publications and I've worked with top modeling and commercial agencies in Chicago, New York, and LA, including Ford Models, Ikon Models, and Neiman Marcus. I've taught hundreds of photographers privately and partnered with the PPofA as a keynote speaker for audiences of hundreds. I've worked with national celebrities, athletes, and public figures. Most often, I serve clients just like you and me.

I'm on a slow living journey with a less-is-more minimalist approach to life.

This is my visual space devoted to finding beauty in the everyday moments. Free range photography. Outdoor recess.

Join me as we explore inspiring ideas and visual impressions of people, food, entertainment, travel, home, beauty, modern living, and creating a more human connection.

Raised in Farmington Hills, MI, I've had the good fortune to travel, study, and work throughout the world, including New York, Paris, and Chicago. Self-taught in photography and design, I have a B.A. in History from the University of Michigan (Go Blue!) and currently live in Southeast Michigan with my husband, son, and our dog, Pickle.

My home-based studio is in Southeast Michigan and I travel frequently. If what I create resonates with you, please be in touch. It would be my honor to create something beautiful for you.

"Karen's work captures the soul of the subject. She goes beyond how you 'look' to reveal who you truly are. We adored working with Karen."