We ventured out to Nantucket Island

on the early morning ferry with a recommendation to seek out CRU OYSTER BAR. We spotted it even before docking in the wharf. Perfectly situated with an amazing view of the harbor, we sat in the plush booths, sipped cocktails from glasses ornamented with sustainable agave straws, and watched the world saunter on by. Our neighbor to our right dined with his daughters and dog. A proud local, he sported an elaborate nautical tattoo of Nantucket Sound on his arm.

We shared the farm lettuces with whipped goat cheese, radishes, white wine vinaigrette, and a lobster roll with lemon butter on toasted brioche. The lunch was everything we imagined, including the price tag. Cocktails were 21 each, the salad was 25, and the lobster roll 49. Spendy, yes, but worth the price of admission.