My flying dreams

consist of two types : I'm swimming along horizontally in the air, typically about 10-20 off the ground, usually doing the butterfly stroke. In the second kind, I flap my arms and get a running start until I achieve lift off. I rise vertically through the ground, always mindful of the electrical wires as I float up, until I reach some height, maybe 100-200 feet up, levitate for a moment, then coast down. In both cases, flying dreams are magical : free, expansive, full of hope.

Jacks' flying dreams are far beyond anything I can dream. He's a rising high school senior and is already working toward his pilot's license. After graduation, he'll go on to aviation school and become a commercial pilot. I was amazed seeing him after two years, when I photographed his whole family. He's grown into a good looking guy!

We photographed on a beautiful late August night at dusk with his Cessna at the New Hudson airport grounds.