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Welcome back! Thank you for returning. It's a huge pleasure and honor to serve you once again. If we've worked together before, please feel free to proceed with your space reservation online. The client agreement, pricing, and logistical details enclosed as part of the booking process.

If you have any questions or if you prefer to book by phone, please call me at 248 320 1943.


I'm excited to meet and work with you and your children.

In order to ensure a successful working relationship, it's critical that we we meet before our first time working together. In this digital remote-work world, so much is learned about one another through in-person conversation. This is our chance to develop the rapport needed to go forth to connect and create.

I invite you to a brief in-person no-obligation consultation to get to know you and your children, to learn more about your needs, to view wardrobe sizing, to share detailed product and pricing information, and to complete the booking process.

Please note that spaces are not reserved prior to meeting.

Reservation fees will be refunded and session times released until we meet.

Please reach out by phone at 248 320 1943

(Mon-Thu 10-5, Fri 10-3, Sat 10-12)