Why Aren't You On Social Media ?

After 12 years, thousands of dollars, and WAY TOO MANY hours of "investing" wasting into Facebook and Instagram, I decided to walk away.

A bold move, I know. I came to this decision after the account was hacked multiple times throughout the years, locked for a month in January 2021 (unlocked only after purchasing the Oculus glasses and signing up with a pricey paid subscription - go figure), and finally, after an arbitrary and capricious notice of permanent disablement on October 17, 2022.

POOF! Just like that . . . 13,402 followers gone.

I could appeal (again). I could upload my license and passport (again). I could probably get it back. Or, I could start all over and create another account. Chase down the likes. Invite all new friends. Annoy the old ones. Spend the same time and money. But, for what? Only to hope, obsess, and worry that it might (and certainly will) disappear all over again? No, thanks. I can do stress and anxiety for free.

The truth is, while Facebook / Insta / Twitter / Tiktok / fill-in-the-blank are great at gaining eyeballs, they don't always create real clients, and they all come at a tremendous cost. Money aside. The time and nagging attention they DEMAND and the psychological toll they take are greater than the reward they often give. Who among us doesn't walk away feeling a twinge of envy, jealousy, less-than after an hour of surfing the feed? Who can really say they feel genuine consoling a friend's deep loss of a parent or spouse or pet with a sad face or thumbs down or "so sorry for your loss"? Who ever says "What time well spent" after looking up and realizing your whole evening has floated by? You are only lying if you said there aren't times you'd rather just chuck it all to hell.

And as a business owner, I'll admit I'd become downright LAZY as a result of social media. I adopted a learned helplessness. I relied too much on low-hanging fruit and algorithmic luck. I all but stopped reaching out to actual people in "the real world" to share and promote my work. It's become far to easy to post an image, scribble out a quick post, and pay $50. 500 likes? 1.2K likes? 6K likes? Music to my ego's ears . . .

It wasn't until I decided to kick social media that I remembered that businesses were successful before the advent of Facebook, they'll be successful after the demise of Facebook, and many are successful RIGHT NOW in spite of Facebook.

So, you won't find me "out there." If you're looking for social proof, I've got plenty. For that, you can check right HERE.

I promise, I am very much right here with passion for my work and a desire to share my gift in service to you.

And I look forward to connecting with you in a genuine, human way.

So reach out, be a fan, give me a like, and let's be more than just Facebook friends.

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