What You'll Learn In This Tutorial :

  • Pullbacks of my locations and studio spaces to show you that a small or uninspired space need not limit your imagination.
  • Camera lenses and settings for each image.
  • Learn how to envision and incorporate just the right amount of magic.
  • How to alter light temperature and exposure to create "day for night"
  • How to replace "empty" skies.
  • Step by step written direction as well as voice-over video instruction.
  • Understand the best (and the worst) times of day and year to shoot.
  • How to direct the viewer's eye by emphasizing shadow, highlight, contrast and color.
  • How to color grade, creating mood and story.
  • All images are captured in natural light. Editing does not include separate presets, plug-ins, or paid actions.
  • Beginning and ending photos to follow along.

  • Purchase the set of skies, and overlays separately to complete the look.



bokeh lights

string of lights





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