Wardrobe Style Guide

Children should come dressed and ready for portraits. There will NOT be a nearby bathroom or place to change or touch up hair.

Be sure to dress children warm as we will be outside in November in Michigan.

Children will have use of props but studio wardrobe will NOT be available as part of holiday sessions.


I advise clients to err on the side of "timeless" and classic.

I love layered looks, textures, and colors.

I recommend darker colors and to avoid solid whites and lights (a cream sweater with a dark scarf or coat works well).

I advise strictly against branded clothing (e.g., Disney), logos, or recognizable pieces (Ralph Lauren horse) as the branding distracts from the subject and dates the portrait.

I advise wearing natural fibers such as 100% cotton, linen, wool, etc. I recommend earth tones and love mustards (not light yellow!), deep reds, blues, grays, browns, taupes, mushrooms, and earthy greens.

I advise against bright gem tones and garish color combinations.

Shoes should be neutral and dark (no bright red or pink sparkly shoes). Avoid street or tennis shoes if possible. Avoid boys shoes that are too "precious" or formal.

Children should wear no jewelry of very classic pearl or diamond studs.

I advise against any other jewelry (bracelets, necklaces, etc.).

My personal style preference is a blend of "farm house / boho / preppy / Victorian / vintage / old world European".

Girl Wardrobe Inspiration

Boy Wardrobe Inspiration