Frequently Asked Questions


I sort of... fell into brand photography by accident.

A friend asked me to shoot website photos for her upcoming rebrand, and after a few sessions, I was HOOKED. My background in PR, speaking + educating, and online marketing for my own photography business all came together to form the perfect storm, and I realized I was uncommonly good at turning intangible concepts into tangible photographs. 

I began to notice how flooded the internet is with bland and forgettable brand imagery, and knew I could do better. So I did! And I've had the privilege of working with some of our industry's best, like Katelyn James, Ashlyn Carter, Mary Marantz, and more. 

Though I’m based in the Washington, DC area, my clients have taken me across the country and throughout Europe. My work has been published by many of our industry’s top editors, and in addition to photographing, I also have the extreme honor of speaking from the stage and teaching courses for small business owners and fellow photographers.

My husband, Matt, is my best friend as well as my business partner, and together, we love serving creative small businesses! We find such purpose in helping our clients reclaim their work hours, spending less time stressing over photos, and more time on the tasks that ONLY they can do. 

I love exclamation points & French 75s, have an addiction to traveling solo,

and have read the Harry Potter series more times than I'll admit publicly.

Let's bridge the gap between your mission, your concept, and

CONNECTING with you with who needs what you've got to sell.