Every Element, Every Step

Learn step-by-step at your own pace with all the ingredients you'll need to conceptualize, shoot, edit, and define your signature look. Unlike video tutorials that leave you guessing at exact adjustments and rewinding (pause, rewind, pause, etc.) to keep up, Focused Photographer recipes are a unique look behind the scenes and all of the elements laid out for you to follow along at your own pace.

Each recipe includes the detailed capture data, unadjusted RAW file, detailed Lightroom adjustment steps, exported adjusted JPEG file, detailed Photoshop adjustments, Photoshop actions, and creative elements and overlays used in the specific file (some include proprietary items - links provided), and the finalized PSD.

Recipes include screenshots and special notes to help you along the way.


Unadjusted SOCC Camera RAW

Exported Lightroom-Adjusted JPEG

Final Adjusted Photoshop PSD


EXIF & capture data

A statement on my thoughts on the shoot and my creative approach

Step-by-step Lightroom-adjustment instructions

Step-by-step Lightroom-adjustment instructions

Photoshop actions (ATN file) used in this recipe

Creative elements & overlays used in this recipe

Recipes require the use of Lightroom CC / Photoshop CC and are delivered via Dropbox ZIP file.

I hand edit all images in Lightroom; so no presets are used or included. Recipes include the actions used in those images but not all actions sold on this site. Check out the Actions bundle or the Creative Bundle as a way to purchase all products in bulk. Image recipes are NON-REFUNDABLE.

Early Evening Harvest


Holiday Forest


Blue Eyed Boy


Arctic Eve