- Creative Business Coaching -

Achieve Real Results

Transform your mind, your money,

and create sustainable success on your own terms.

Clarify Your Goals

Define your goals

and cultivate your niche.

Shift Your Mindset

Dispel the myths, change limiting mindset,

and stop lying to yourself about who you are.

Hone Your Skills

Master the tools

and create a system that sells.

Craft A Plan

Fit the pieces together so the big picture

comes clearly into view.

Light The Fire

Strike the first match, spark the flame,

then set the whole thing ablaze.

Celebrate Success

Take a victory lap, count the dollars,

then set even bigger goals.

Just like you, I dared to dream "what if?" and felt a spark of inspiration.  Of course, success requires more than inspiration.  Success requires solid information and loads of motivation to create a profitable, sustainable business doing what you love (so that years later, you still love doing it).

I'm entirely self-taught and self-invented.  With a DSLR, a good eye, and almost nothing in the bank, I started a little business in 2005 and have since built a successful six-figure home-based portrait studio with orders averaging in the mid-four figures and with single sales frequently $10,000 +.

With a passion for my work and the genuine desire to help, I created the Focused Photographer in 2010.  Since then, I've worked with the PROFESSIONAL PHOTOGRAPHERS OF AMERICA (PPofA) as a keynote speaker and workshop leader. I've held private group retreats, written for publication, and taught hundreds of photographers privately. I've helped both emerging and aspiring professional photographers begin and rebuild their business on their own terms.


You're not here for the never-ending pasta bowl.
You're here for the 6 oz. Wagyu center cut filet.

Time is a-wasting. Another year is slipping away (sneaky bugger!). I'm not peddling Costco-quantity soul searching, my friend, I'm here to provide you with a specific result.  So let's not wander the wilderness together, shall we? Let's get right to it.

I've distilled more than 17 + years experience as an award-winning six-figure creative -- all of the failures, all of the wins -- into two succinct, transformative days. Cut through the clutter, silence the noise, and get focused on getting what you want.

If you're looking for an intensive, high-impact experience, consider the 2-Day Deep Dive experience with me here in Southeast Michigan. The days include two in-person shoots and one day full of one-on-one time for image critique, business development, and dialogue covering many of the elements in the 1 - ON - 1 Mentorship but in a compressed, focused two days together. You'll walk away fired up and armed with what you need to begin or transform your business in a meaningful way.

The 2-Day Deep Dive is $2175 and includes two live model shoots and ample one-on-one time to spend as you like. We'll design the Deep Dive specific to your needs. Consider it a private workshop focused exclusively on YOU.

The program begins with a 20-minute free no-obligation phone consultation. If you wish to move forward, a $1000 NON-REFUNDABLE INITIAL PAYMENT is due to reserve the dates (all major credit cards accepted). At that time, models for in-person shoots will be secured. The remaining balance is due ONE WEEK prior to the beginning date.

Deep Dives take place Monday - Thursday.



I've found the best working model is to work with photographers in a private, one-on-one "open dialogue" format. The program has no formal itinerary, no bullet points, no pre-written scripts. Together, we'll determine your most pressing needs and we'll focus on meeting you where you are. Our time spent together will be packed with information, inspiration, and motivation to fire you up and propel you forward.

The program begins with a 20-minute free no-obligation consultation. If you wish to move forward, a $500 initial payment is due upon beginning the program. Consultation via phone and web is at $125 per hour billed in quarter hours.

I find that six consecutive weeks is the minimum time needed to cover all important topics and measure success.  Clients may extend the program as desired and as space permits. Calls typically last 75 minutes (as time permits) to give clients the chance to explore issues in-depth.

FROM $500

Interested In Learning More?

Reach out and let me know how I can help. I respond same or next business day.

Alternatively, feel free to call me during normal business hours (M-F 10-5 EST) at 248 320 1943.

Photographer Client Testimonials


"Karen's 'Moving Up In A Down Economy' keynote seminar was a hit with our member photographers on all levels. She had great enthusiasm and a wealth of information, which she shared freely. She gave the best program of the convention!"


"Working with Karen was the best decision I've made in starting a home-based photography business. Before that, I spent so many hours and wasted so much energy floundering around the internet trying to research every little point about building a business, only to be left wondering if I was making the right decisions to be successful. She calmed my fears and offers EVERYTHING you need to build a business. The amount of information is overwhelming (in a good way)! I now know I am headed in the right direction and with a lot of hard work, my dreams can be realized."


"When I first dreamed of starting my photography business, I found Karen's website online and fell in love with her incredible work. She has been one of the most inspirational, helpful and genuine people in my life. I am truly grateful for her guidance, support and encouragement. She gave me the confidence and the know-how to pursue what is now an amazing, rewarding and wonderful career. She is not only my mentor but also a wonderful, true friend. I highly recommend her as a mentor. It will be the best investment you can make in your dream. Thank you Karen!"


"What an eye-opening experience this was. Working with Karen was the jumpstart and the motivation I needed to get going. I feel like I'm so far ahead already thanks to working with her. I would have never put together a business plan in the time that we worked on it or would have asked myself some of the questions Karen asked me about what I want and how I plan to get there. I can't say enough good about this program."


"To say our time together was well-spent is an understatement. I still consider it one of the best (if not THE best) investment we've made thus far. Thank you!"


"Picking up the phone to make that first call to Karen was THE smartest decision I have made since establishing my photography business. From the minute we began our six-week journey, Karen was just a total 'cards on the table' kind of person, with so much information to offer it made my head spin. There were many MANY "aha" moments and so many little gems and tips that have made such a difference to my business and my over all image. Karen has helped me to stop seeing my business as a nice little hobby, and start treating it like the growing, thriving enterprise that it really is. If you are debating whether to make the call, don't think twice. The only regret you will ever have is that you didn't find her earlier!"


"This is a fabulous resource!! I'm working my way through it right now. Karen provides you with all the information necessary to set up a successful business. I highly recommend her."


"My time spent with Karen was well worth the initial investment – it saved me time, grief, and future costs just knowing what I should be focusing on when starting and growing my own business. Karen's candor was refreshing and appreciated. She disclosed some of her secrets that I would have otherwise been embarrassed to ask other professionals. Without her, I would still be wondering if what I was implementing in my own business was appropriate or acceptable in this market. I learned how to take myself seriously so that clients will also. Thank you Karen!"


"Hi Karen! I want to take a moment and thank you for a wonderful program. Your energy was awesome, the information was priceless and I'am soooo excited to sit and chat with you in the near future. Again, thank you, couldn't have been better timing for my business. Looking forward to many great discussions!"


"WOW! Seriously - the program is UNBELIEVABLE!! I wish I had this 3 years ago!!! Truly life-changing! THANKS a million!"


"What can I say? it was truly an experience working with Karen. Karen gave me confirmation and confidence to push forward with projects that I sitting on the back burner as well as a fool-proof plan to sort out the thoughts and ideas in my head. She will assist you ways you could only imagine, plus you'll gain a great friend in the process. The mentorship program is well worth it!"


"I reached out to Karen searching for a mentor to discover and further define my photography skills. What I took away, was so much more: a complete genuineness on all that goes into a photography small business. Her years of experience in developing both meaningful portraits and a successful small business are exactly why I highly recommend and admire her."


I am loving our work . . . learning so much about how to be a business woman . . . many thanks . . . A big missing piece in my journey of photography. Thought if I got to serious I'd loose my vision and intent . . . You proved me wrong and I love it . . :)


"I'm e-mailing to let you know just how much I love the program. Thanks to you, I just closed a sale for over $3000. I am jumping for joy over here. I would have never thought I could make that kind of money on one sale but am so excited to see the possibility and even more excited to share this great resource with other photographers. I'm using and pointing them to your website. I just posted about it in one of my groups and hopefully some will call you. They would be nuts not to!"


"Karen, I have to tell you that after going through your program, I was determined as ever to get my 'problem' solved and today I did just that! I just signed my lease and was handed the keys to my very own studio! Thank you so much for your 'nudge'! I am so thankful that I met you and I truly felt like you were speaking directly to me at the seminar! Best money I have ever spent!"


"Karen, I've shared that your workshop was one of the best things I could have done to get started right. Several other photographers have started out with really low rates and now face upsetting current clients with higher prices. I'm glad that I followed your advice!"


"I am so thankful for having found Karen when I still had a "day job" and was considering leaving to follow my photography dreams. She got me on the right track from the start and pointed out the parts of my business and pricing structure plans that would have gotten me in lots of trouble. It was easy to trust her on this because she had gone through it herself! My greatest fear was pricing myself for profit from the start, without having built a huge client base. Karen quickly helped me understand why this was the only way that I could have a chance at making it and continuing to follow my dream.

Karen is professional, honest, straight-forward, intelligent and practical. I have nothing but the highest admiration for her as a person and mentor. I would recommend her to anyone who is just starting out, or is finding themselves at a cross-roads in their photography business. If you follow her advice, you will be on the right track in no time."


"I have to say, I'm seriously glad I did this. And I only wish I had known about it when I decided to go into business initially. The program is SO well organized and the information is very concise. I feel like I have already learned a lot and haven't even done an exercise yet!!! It's very exciting! Thanks so much for offering it!!"

Three months later:

"Karen, I just had my first in-person proofing/ordering session with my new pricing and they bought $2450!!!! Thank you so much for working with me and helping me find the confidence to charge this much!! They didn't even bat an eye. I am on Clouds 9, 10, 11, and 12 right now!!!" Sincerely, Evie!"


"I just wanted to say Thank You so much! What a wealth of information and informative package! My business has been kind of stagnate and I'm looking for marketing/business building tips and this was just what I needed. Thank you for all of your hard work!!"


"In this season of giving Thanks . . . I just want to say Thank you for putting yourself out there and creating what you have. I would definitely be a "failed" photographer by the end of next year had you not opened my eyes."


"I have been to several photography workshops and I must say, Karen's program the One of the best and most complete on marketing and building a photography business I read. I highly recommend it not only for business starters, but also if you want to evolve as a photography business owner."


"The resource kit is awesome . . . so many clear ideas and pointers for business, marketing and photography. Highly recommend making this purchase if you are interested in the photography business."


"If you're even thinking about starting a photography business, make this the first thing you do. You will not only save countless thousands of wasted dollars, you will save precious time getting your business off and running in the right direction. Had I not worked with Karen, I would probably be working for little to no profit and wondering what I was doing wrong. Karen is warm and engaging and a lot of fun to talk with. She makes running a business fun."


"Thank you once again for such a wonderful experience at your workshop!! It exceeded my expectations in every way possible. I learned so much and I can't wait to continue this journey I've begun with the tools you've taught me. Thank you for opening up your photography life and sharing with me. I am VERY grateful for the experience."


"Before working with Karen, I had no idea what a Profit / Loss statement or Cash Flow statement were, let along how to read them or put them together for myself. I never understood how to handle the money in my business or how much 'the numbers' drove my business decisions. Working with Karen helped me understand how it all fits together. I came away with a business plan, something I had procrastinated doing for almost a year! Highly recommended for any photographer!"


"After purchasing The Focused Photographer Kit, I suddenly have a new perspective about my business! Since your guide is written solely about portrait photography, there was no wasted fluff to weed through, it touched every crucial aspect of running a successful studio and some I had never touched on. Your guide is well written and easy to understand and navigate. Things that seemed too daunting to face are now easy to execute. The time, knowledge and experience you have poured into the pages are better than any workshop notes I could ever take. I find myself referring back to it time and again. Well worth the investment! BRAVO! I have been in business for 4 years, I can confidently tell you this was my best investment thus far, besides my Nikon! Thank you!"